hello & welcome! 

The Style Lounge is your answer to the "How do I feel put together every day?" conundrum.

This monthly subscription includes 30 outfit ideas for the month ahead, giving you a clear plan on what to wear every single day.

But that's not all! 

If you're in your 40's, 50's, 60's or beyond & the time is right for you to define & develop your "everyday" style & bring the joy back to getting dressed, come in and take a look around!

Hello & Welcome!

The Style Lounge is your answer to the "How do I feel put together every day?" conundrum.

This monthly subscription includes 30 outfit ideas for the month ahead, giving you a clear plan on what to wear every single day.

Are you looking for a supportive space that will help you to find your inner style as you embrace the best years of your life?

If you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond and the time is right for you to define and develop your "everyday" style and bring the joy back into getting dressed, come in and take a look around!

I create & deliver outfit guides, styling programmes, checklists & videos direct to your inbox to help you to organise your wardrobe, style your shape, define your style, create your outfits and "admire the view" all whilst feeling supported & empowered, so that you are able to step out of your front door with confidence! 
Find joy in your outfits, one day at a time...
What this looks like for you…

Feel supported

know that there is always a place for you to get access to me and the community to ask for advice, suggestions, outfit ideas, and inspiration

Build Confidence

learn. Experiment. Discover. Update. Try new trends. Gently step outside of your comfort zone. Re-discover the joy in your clothes

Save Time


Quickly access a library of resources at a time to suit you which are designed to support you on your style journey

Save Money


Get access to discounts. Re-style what you have & only buy what you need, making your cost per wear low and your enjoyment high

  Join today for only £27/month.

Here's What's Included 

1. A Magazine Style Edit 

Each month you will receive a new “Edit” direct in your inbox.

The Edit is a magazine-style pdf of 30 outfits curated for the month ahead, based around the members' needs.   

Previous Edits include:

“Your September Uniform”

“The October (High Street) Edit” 

“The December Edit: 5 Pieces 5 Different Ways With A Hint Of Christmas”

“The January Epic Sale Edit”

"The February Quick Wins Edit"

The Edit also includes styling advice and suggestions about each piece of clothing. 

Click on the items featured in the edit to take you straight to the brands' websites.

The Edit delivers affordable outfit ideas designed for a busy life, which save you time and money and make getting dressed an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

2. A video-style "tour of the stores" 

Each season I do a "tour of the stores" and share with you new pieces and upcoming trends. It’s like window shopping with a friend!

3. The Community 

Hosted through a private Facebook group, this warm and supportive community is where we cheer each other on and build confidence. We are there whenever you need us. No question is too small.

4. The Style Lounge Library 

Inside the library, you will find access to styling programs, style videos, workshops, e-books, and guides plus all of the content since the Style Lounge started over a year ago.


Fancy a sneak peek of the monthly Edits?



And if you would like to take a look around inside The Style Lounge you can do that here


Do any of these sound familiar?


You don’t need a lot in your wardrobe, and you’re not a slave to fashion, but it's important to feel “put together” when it matters to you.

You need Items that are comfortable, versatile, stylish & affordable, that you can wear every day. 

You feel lost and overwhelmed each time you open your wardrobe.

You have lots of clothes but struggle to find an outfit you like, or feel comfortable wearing. 

You want to gain a new perspective on your look; to embrace new ideas and update your existing wardrobe.

You love clothes and you’ve got lots of them (some of which you've never worn) & you're looking for new ways to wear them.

You wish someone could do the leg work for you and create ready-made outfits to cut and paste into your life.

Here’s what I know to be true:


You are worthy of taking up space in any setting, whether social or professional, and your clothes can be your armour in helping you to achieve that.

You deserve to feel great every day, whether you have a glamorous lifestyle or not & even if you're in comfies all day whilst working from home and walking the dog. 

You can walk into a social setting, whether it’s a party, a night out with friends, or pizza with your family and not question what you have chosen to wear. 

You can be that person that people say looks great in everything, just as much as the next person.

You don't need a huge wardrobe to achieve any of these.

Six months on from now,

how would you like to feel? 


Asking yourself each day not "what shall I wear?" but "which of my outfits shall I wear?"

Having the wardrobe you want, filled with clothes you love, without spending a fortune.

Feeling good every day as you get dressed?

Having the confidence to embrace and try out new ideas?

knowing how to look current without feeling ridiculous?

Feeling less lost and overwhelmed each time you open your wardrobe?

Knowing there's always someone you can bounce ideas off and who will offer suggestions to broaden your style?

To make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to take action and

set yourself up for style success, you will also get access to four special bonuses worth over £1000


Weekend Wardrobe Makeover Programme 
Get access to my much loved "Weekend Wardrobe Makeover" Programme (value £297).
Here, through bite sized pre-recorded lessons and pdfs, you will gain clarity on what you need in your wardrobe, identify the pieces to include in it and how to use accessories to elevate your outfits. 
You will also learn to edit your wardrobe like a professional & create a wardrobe tailored to your lifestyle, leaving you feeling confident every day.

Bonus 2

Style Your Shape E-book!  
Identify exactly which shapes and styles of clothing flatter you the most and learn how to style your shape (WITHOUT rules) by reading my "Style Your Shape" E-book (value £7.95).

Bonus 3

Girls' Night Out Workshop
Watch my "Girls' Night Out Style Workshop (value £47) and learn how to create fabulous outfits to make you feel polished and put-together, so that you are always ready when an invitation arrives. 

Bonus 4

Library of style programmes, style videos, checklists, pdfs and worksheets
Gain access to the entire "The Style Lounge" Library of resources created over the last 18 months. (Value £697 )
Included are resources to help you live a more confident, calmer, and stress free existence. There are style videos on outfit creation, packing for a weekend away, how to accessorise & what to take to a festival.
Access guides on how to improve your style confidence, a colour wheel and checklists to ensure that you are fully prepared, whatever the occasion.

As a reminder, The Style Lounge includes... 

A monthly style Edit of 30 outfits all set out, ready and waiting for you for the month ahead
Styling advice and information about each piece in the edit
Clickable images meaning that you can find the pieces quickly and easily online
A supportive community of diverse but like-minded women to offer guidance, support and encouragement
Access to my library of styling programmes, videos, e-books and workshops to support you every step of the way
Katie MacDonald
Business Owner

Beth's advice is spot on!

The Style Lounge is a safe and supportive space to share looks and ideas. It's fab to be part of it.

The Style Lounge has been brilliant in helping me define my wardrobe with clothes that actually suit me and which I can wear again and again.

I am no longer overwhelmed by shopping as I have a clear idea of what I need to fill any gaps, so gone are the days of panic buying!" 

Brand Owner Maple & Lime

The style lounge is yours, mine, OURS!

The Style Lounge is a great place for advice, information & support; it's almost like having a big sister to go to when you're not quite sure!

Basically the Style Loungers are there come what may; outfit building, where to shop for items - you have the whole team searching for you and most of all reassurance from Beth who is happy to cover everything & anything.


Civil Servant

I was so excited to join The Style Lounge when it started as I’ve always loved clothes and I enjoy developing my style. 

Beth is really keen to get our input on new topics to keep it fresh. Beth is always happy to help when asked and most of all makes me feel comfortable with her down to earth persona and upbeat personality. 

I’m so glad I joined The Style Lounge as it really gives me food for thought when I make my purchases. 

Best of all I have the group on hand for a second opinion or new outfit ideas.

In case we haven’t met…





as a stylist I've presented on tv, been a guest expert on bbc radio, worked with well known brands and written for magazines. none of this could have been achieved with the guidance, advice and support of others. 

mid-life can be a tricky time to navigate with things changing faster than we can keep up - our shape, hormones, our anxiety levels, children leaving home, ageing parents, work.....everything!

That's why i've made it my mission to fill a gap in the style space and provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment where you can get direct access to me for style advice & get support from a lovely and diverse community.

i know that you have an important mission of your own and I am here to help you feel confident, happy and empowered in your style, so that you can go out of your front door and face life head on, grabbing every opportunity that comes your way with both hands.

I would be delighted if you would like me to be your wing woman.


One last note from me to you...


I know that you don’t have to look too far before you’re bombarded by messages of how you “should” look, or what you “ought” to wear, or how much you “must” spend on a pair of jeans.
And all of that messaging just serves to make you feel “less” than.
You think to yourself that your lifestyle isn’t glamorous enough, or you’re not exciting enough, or slim enough, or wealthy enough. That you are “not enough.”
But I’ve been doing this work long enough now, with hundreds of clients and students at this point, to know that this simply is not true.
I’ve encouraged, and held space for, women of all ages, shapes and sizes to change their narrative around what they wear and how they look. To feel inspired by their clothes and to feel comfortable in their clothes and in their skin.
My aim is to get you to look at the outfits for the month ahead and go “Oh fabulous! I want to try that.” Or “ I’ve got something really similar and if I put it with that, I can make a whole new outfit.” Or “If I buy that one piece, I can see how it will totally revolutionise my wardrobe.”
I want your stomach to do a little flip of joy when you realise “I can wear that” or “I do look good in this” or hec “I’m going to wear these because I flipping love them and I don’t care what anyone thinks!”
The Style Lounge is an invitation to join me as I help you to discover, or re-discover who you are through your clothes, all with the support of an incredibly positive and fun community.
Answers To Questions You May Have!  
Check out our FAQs below or if you have a question just pop us an email at [email protected]
Who Is The Style Lounge For?
The Style Lounge is for women who want to feel confident, comfortable, stylish and put together every day so that they can concentrate on leading a full and happy life.
Maybe you’re entering a new phase of your life - perhaps you’re starting a new business, or leaving work. Due to the effects of the menopause you may be feeling lost and unsure of how to style your new shape, or unclear as to what direction to take your style in and which shops to head to. 
Perhaps your children have left home and you’ve now got a little more time to yourself, or maybe you’re ready to discover your creative side and challenge that long held belief that you just don’t have the same “knack” that your friends have when it comes to putting outfits together.  
The Style Lounge is a community of like-minded members, who have a big heart and are kind and supportive of others. We would love to have you join us!
How Will The Style Lounge Benefit Me?
The Style Lounge is here to support you to create outfits quickly and easily, so that life feels less stressful and you feel less anxious about how you look. 
The members inside of The Style Lounge are different shapes and sizes. With that in mind, I have created a library of programmes, workshops and trainings which teach you how to become the architect of your own style, meaning that you can tweak the outfits to reflect you. 
As a member of The Style Lounge you get direct contact to me for advice. It's a place for you to be inspired to try new ideas, safe in the knowledge that there's  always someone on hand to run ideas, outfits and new purchases, past.
Additional benefits include discounts with carefully chosen brands and last but not least, it's a place to develop lasting relationships with like minded women.
Should you wish to leave The Style Lounge, there are no questions asked. Any feedback is of course always welcome as I am constantly seeking to refine and improve The Style Lounge. 
How Is The Content In The Style Lounge Arranged?
The Style Lounge is a password protected site which holds a library of style content for you. New content is emailed out to you as well as being posted in the Facebook Group. There is no "live" element to The Style Lounge. It is a time obligation free experience! 
Each month you will receive a monthly magazine style "Edit" of 30 curated outfits for the month ahead. 
Our chats take place in the Facebook Group. This is where the members post outfits and flat lays, ask for advice on where to source pieces, share pictures of what they've bought and cheer each other on.
The Facebook Group is also where I ask questions and conduct polls, so that I can make sure that The Style Lounge is delivering what the members need and want.
There is no requirement to join The Facebook Group and you can benefit just as much by not doing so. 
If you have an idea of something else you'd like to see, all you need to do is ask.
Am I Likely To See Myself Reflected In The Style Lounge Members?
We have a lovely and diverse range of members inside of The Style Lounge. The age range of our members is typically 40 plus years.
We have members who run their own businesses, who are social workers, nurses, teachers, doctors and civil servants.
We have members who work part time & full time.
We have stay at home Mums and ladies who are retired. 
All of our members are uniquely different but the one thing that they all have in common is that they are kind, big-hearted individuals who are supportive of one another. 
Everyone is welcome inside of The Style Lounge. My only absolute non-negotiable is that any member should be kind, supportive and positive towards others as they take steps on their style journey.