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Hi, I'm Beth! I'm a Lawyer turned Stylist and I live with my husband and three children in Birmingham, UK - although the children have a nasty habit of growing up and moving away! 

In addition to my Styling work, I can be found running along the Birmingham canals, watching Home & Away or Neighbours, or laughing with my friends. 

I have created several online programmes, my signature one being "Your Style Solution".  I have also written "Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s)" as well as my "Capsule Wardrobe Masterclass". In addition, I have a style coaching programme, "CEO Style".

I also edit my popular fashion blog, Style Guile, and I can often be found on Instagram or on  IGTV, where I present Style Videos for busy women.  I also present on QVC UK, style commercial shoots, and work as an Influencer with many well-known brands. 

My aim in life is to help every woman to reach her full potential and to increase her confidence - however that may look. I have an increasing interest in personal development (as well as personal styling!) and I don't believe that age has to be a barrier to ANYTHING that women wish to achieve. 

I SO look forward to welcoming you and to hearing about the results that you achieve through implementing my programmes. 

If you have any questions, just drop me an email at [email protected]








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